Why grow your own food horizontally when you can grow whirli...

What is Whirligro?

The whirligro is an exciting new product for growing plants in a vertical manner, suitable for people with small gardens or mobility restrictions. Read more

The Whirligro is made up from individual growing tubes, each one holding 3 plants. Each Whirligro holds 10 tubes, spiralling around a central post...that’s 30 plants in an area under 1m by 1m. Each plant grows through a hole in the plastic tubing so that the only area that ever needs weeding is a couple of inches wide. And if you use new compost, without any weed seeds, you will never have to weed at all.

You simply fill each growing tube with compost as you need them, insert a few seeds or seedlings, and water them in. Watering is easily done by hand using a small watering can, or you can use widely available drip-irrigation systems to automate the whole process.

No More Pests Because the Whirligro holds the plants above the ground, there is almost no chance of pests like slugs or snails getting to your plants.

Steady Supply of Leaves We recommend seeds that mature quickly, enjoying fresh salad leaves within a matter of weeks after planting.

Low Maintainance You can go on holiday and your plants will still get watered every day. It means that even busy people can now grow food, just about anywhere.

No Washing When it rains, there is no soil splashed onto the leaves so the plants are always clean and don’t actually require require any washing.

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